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WEET Strong General Purpose Rectifiers List

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WEE Technology Company Limited

Manufacturer of Surface Mount (SMD) and Through Hole (DIP) Diodes & Rectifiers

WEET is specialized in producing 1A to 10A GENERAL PURPOSE SILICON RECTIFIERS. 1A7, 1N4007, RL157, 1N5391, RL201, 6A10, 10A10 is our best seller,

Free samples are available for testing, welcome your inquiry, thank you.

1A1 THRU 1A7:   

1A, 50-1000V, R-1(1A1,1A2,1A3,1A4,1A5,1A6,1A7)

1N4001 THRU 1N4007:

1A, 50-1000V DO-41(1N4001,1N4002,1N4003,1N4004,1N4005,1N4006.1N4007)

RL151 THRU RL157:

1.5A, 50-1000V,DO-15(RL151,RL152,RL153,RL154,RL155,RL156,RL157)

1N5391 THRU 1N5399:  

1.5A, 50-1000V, DO-15(1N5391,1N5392,1N5393,1N5394,1N5395,1N5396,1N5397,1N5398,1N5399)

RL201 THRU RL207: 

2A, 50-1000V, DO-15 (RL201,RL202,RL203,RL204,RL205,RL206,RL207)

6A05 THRU 6A10: 

6A, 50-1000V, R-6,(6A05,6A1,6A2,,6A4,6A6,6A8,6A10)

10A05 THRU 10A10: 

10A, 50-1000V,R-6 (10A05,10A1,10A2,10A4,10A6,10A8,10A10)

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