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WEET GLASS PASSIVATED Fast Recovery Rectifiers

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WEE Technology Company Limited

Manufacturer of Surface Mount (SMD) and Through Hole (DIP) Diodes & Rectifiers

GLASS PASSIVATED Fast Recovery Rectifiers

1F1 THRU 1F7

R-1, 1A, 50-1000V(1F1,1F2,1F3,1F4,1F5,1F6,1F7)

1N4933 THRU 1N4937

DO-41,1A, 50-600V(1N4933,1N4934,1N4935,1N4936,1N4937)

BA157 THRU BA159

DO-41,1, 400-1000V(BA157,BA158,BA159)

FR101 THRU FR107

DO-41,1A, 50-1000V (FR101,FR102,FR103,FR104,FR105,FR106,FR107)

FR151 THRU FR157

DO-15,1.5A, 50-1000V(FR151,FR152,FR153,FR154,FR155,FR156,FR157)

FR201 THRU FR207


FR251 THRU FR257

R-3,2.5A, 50-1000V(FR251,FR252,FR253,FR254,FR255,FR256,FR257)

FR301 THRU FR307

DO-201AD, 3A 50-1000V(FR301,FR302,FR303,FR304,FR305,FR306,FR307)

FR601 THRU FR607

R-6, 6A, 50-1000V(FR601,FR602,FR603,FR604,FR605,FR606,FR607)

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