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WEET SMC DO-214AB 3A 600V ES3J GPP Chip Superfast/Ultrafast Rectifier Diodes

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WEE Technology Company Limited
Manufacturer of Surface Mount (SMD) and Through Hole (DIP) Diodes & Rectifiers


SMC(DO-214AB) ES3A THRU ES3J ( ES3A, ES3B, ES3C, ES3D, ES3E, ES3G, ES3J) Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers

WEET ES3J  - WEET ES3J Superfast/Ultrafast Rectifier Diode SMD DO-214AB - 600V 3A superfast and efficient rectifier diode, also available in SMB package.

Lead time : 3 weeks

Applications: WEE Technology products are widely used in communication, network, instrument, computer, TV and VCD in civil, industrial and military fields.

Glass passivated junction. Easy pick and place. Low profile package. Built-in strain relief. Superfast recovery times for high efficiency.





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