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WEET GBU608 GBU606 GBU604 GBU602 GBU601 GBU6005 Bridge Rectifier Applications Reference

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WEE Technology Company Limited
Manufacturer of Surface Mounted (SMD) and Throught Hole (DIP) Diodes and Rectifiers.

GBU610 main application fields: switching power supply, power adapter, industrial switching power supply, photovoltaic solar power generation system, such as photovoltaic power station, solar street lamp and other products

GBU610 also can be used in Small power switching power supply, power adapter, electric fan, TV, indoor air conditioner, household appliances and other related electrical products.

Other voltages: GBU608,GBU606,GBU604,GBU602,GBU601,GBU6005

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