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WEET GBU10005~GBU1010 Leakage and Peak Forward Surge Current Compared with GBJ1010

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WEE Technology Company Limited
Manufacturer of Surface Mounted (SMD) and Throught Hole (DIP) Diodes and Rectifiers.

GBU1010, electrical parameters of 10A 1000V, GBU-4 plug-in four legs, using Taiwan imported wave crest GPP chip production, its black glue material is imported epoxy plastic resin material, strong encapsulation stability, the pin is imported 99.99% oxygen free copper, bending resistance, oxidation resistance, high conductivity.

At present, WEET rectifier bridges are found on power boards all over the country. The ultra-thin flat bridge rectifier bridge like GBU1010 works under the current voltage of 10A 1000V, and the leakage is only 5 μ a. Don't underestimate this figure, which will become the magic weapon of high-end power board with environmental protection and low energy consumption requirements! Power adapter with rectifier bridge, environmental protection and low energy consumption rectifier bridge of course is weet.

What is the difference between GBU1010 and GBJ1010?

The results show that the electrical parameters of GBU1010 and GBJ1010 are 10A 1000V; the peak forward surge current of GBU1010 is 220A, and that of GBJ1010 is 240A;
the operating temperature can also be applied to - 50 ° ~ 125 °. Secondly, The package size of rectifier bridge GBU1010 is different from that of GBJ1010.

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