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WEET GBPC35005(W) THRU GBPC3510(W) Single Phase Bridge Rectifier 35 Amp 1000V Cross To WTE

    WEE Technology Company Limited
    Manufacturer of Surface Mounted (SMD) and Throught Hole (DIP) Diodes and Rectifiers.

    The GBPC3510 is a 1-phase bridge Rectifier Diode with push-on terminals.

    GBPC3510, Single Phase Bridge Rectifier, 35 Amp, 1000V 

    Case: GBPC / GBPC-W.  

    Case Material: Molded Plastic with Heatsink Internally. Mounted in the Bridge Encapsulation.

    General purpose use in AC/DC bridge full wave rectification, for home appliances, office equipment, etc. 

    GBPC35005(W) THRU GBPC3510(W) : GBPC35005, GBPC3501, GBPC3502, GBPC3504, GBPC3506, GBPC3508, GBPC3510

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