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WEET 2.0 AMPS. DB201 THRU DB207 Single Phase Bridge Rectifiers

    WEE Technology Company Limited
    Manufacturer of Surface Mount (SMD) and Through Hole (DIP) Diodes & Rectifiers

    WEET Dip Type 2.0 AMPS. DB201 THRU DB207 Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers

    DB201, DB202, DB203, DB204, DB205, DB206, DB207

    WEET DB207 means DB pacakge, 2A current, 7stands for voltage 1000V.

    Current: 2A

    Voltage: From 50V to 1000V.

    WEET Tells You What should we pay attention to in the selection of a right rectifier bridge parameters?

    According to the current power industry: 1:3 ratio, that is to say, rectifier bridge current selection should be three times greater than the actual working current.

    For example, if a low-power charger is designed with a working current of 300 mA, the DB107 rectifier bridge of WEE Technology can be selected as the current of the selected rectifier bridge. If the actual working current exceeds 500 mA, then DB207 rectifier bridge is needed. It is different from the working voltage of the circuit.

    The rectifier bridge is actually a bridge circuit consisting of four rectifier diode chips. When the diode chip is reversed, it will be impacted by high voltage caused by the superposition of high power capacitor discharge and circuit voltage. Once it exceeds the endurance range of the rectifier bridge, it will trigger the explosion of the machine. When designing a circuit, it is necessary to calculate the sum of the superimposed voltage of the circuit.

    It is convenient to choose a rectifier bridge product with higher reverse voltage withstand, such as WEE DB107 rectifier bridge whose reverse voltage withstand is 100V, and the reverse impulse voltage in the circuit can not exceed 1000V. In short, the rated current of the rectifier bridge must be about three times of the working current.

    If you are still have any question about choose a right WEET bridge rectifier, please contact with us right nowl We will help you.

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