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WEET What Are the Main Parameters of the Diode and Detailed Explanation of the Diodes Characteristic

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What are the main parameters of the diode? Detailed explanation of the diode parameters

Nowadays, in our daily life, it can be said that we can hardly do without electronic products. There is a very important electronic component in the composition of each type of electronic products: diode.

Different types of diodes have their own technical index parameters, which we call diode parameters. Next, let's take a look at the main diode parameters.

If you want to know more details of these parameters, please contact with WEET sales engineers. Thank you.

Maximum Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage

Maximum RMS Voltage

Maximum DC Blocking Voltage 

Maximum Average Forward Rectified Current

Peak Forward Surge Current

Typical Thermal Resistance 

Operating and Storage Temperature Range

Maximum Instantaneous Forward Voltage

Maximum DC Reverse Current

Typical Reverse Recovery

Typical junction capacitance

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