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WEET Surface Mount Rectifier SM4007 LL4007G Melf (DO213AB) 1A 1000V GPP Diodes

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WEE Technology Company Limited 

Manufacturer of Surface Mount (SMD) and Through Hole (DIP) Diodes & Rectifiers

What is the difference between MELF and MiniMELF?

Mini-MELF (SOD-80, DO-213AA,LL-34), smaller size

MELF (DO-213AB), larger size

MELF (Metal Electrode Leadless Face) packages held popularity because of their typically higher operating temperatures, reliability, and accuracy

MELF General Purpose Rectifiers SM4007 Surface Mount Glass Passivated Silicon Rectifier (Voltage Range 50 to 1000 Volts Current 1.0 Ampere)


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