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WEET Shares The Difference Between Switching Diode 1N4148, LL4148 and Zener Diodes BZV55C Series

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WEE Technology Company Limited 

Manufacturer of Surface Mount (SMD) and Through Hole (DIP) Diodes & Rectifiers

WEET 1N4148, LL4148 and Zener Diodes BZV55C Packing:

1N4148 usually refers to DO-35 glass seal, axial pin, through hole type. It can be taped in ammo or packed in bulk.

LL4148 and BZV55C are surface mount SMD type, only available in tape and reel packing. 7 inch and 13 inch paper or plastic tape for choose.

WEET 1N4148, LL4148 and Zener Diodes BZV55C Package:

LL4148 usually refers to the glass-sealed cylinder LL-34 package (patch, pinless). 

LL4148 is a surface mount SMD type, as well las BZV55C. But BZV55C with blue ink indentification and LL4148 with black ink indentification

WEET 1N4148, LL4148 and Zener Diodes BZV55C Marking:

1N4148 usally will mark the part number on the glass surface, but LL4148 and Zener Diodes BZV55C does not.

WEET 1N4148, LL4148 and Zener Diodes BZV55C Total power dissipation: Max.500mW

BZV55C Two tolerance series: ± 2% and approx. ± 5% 

Standard tolerance approx. ±5% (refer to "zener voltage range") ; ±2% tolerance available on request.




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