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WEET SOT-23 Plastic Encapsulate Bipolar Junction Transistors and Diodes Marking Code Reference

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Do you know what is the meaning by 5C or 6B on a BJT transitors? WEET is going to tell you how to distinguish them correctly. What is the meaning for transistors marking code?

SOT-23 is commonly known for a 3 pins SMD package and is also known as SOT23-2 or TO-236. There is also 5 pins package (SOT-235) and 6 pins package (SOT-236)

The SOT package is small and normally the full part number cannot be printed on the chip itself, normally the part number is represented by a marking code printed on the top of the SOT23 package

The following presents some of the SOT23 components marking code, which is useful for reverse engineering use.

WEET suggest you to double check the datasheet to confirm if your marking code matches the part number

Marking CodePackageWEET PN

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