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WEET N Channel Power MOSFET 2A to 20A 600V TO-251, TO-252, TO-220, TO-220F

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WEE Technology Company Limited

Manufacturer of Surface Mount (SMD) and Through Hole (DIP) Diodes & Rectifiers

WEET N Channel Power MOSFET 2A to 20A 600V to 800V, common package TO-251, TO-252, TO-220, TO-220F, strong list as below.

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No.Product TypeWEET PNPackageMPQ/Pcs
1N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET2N60  TO-251, TO-2522500
2N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET2N60  TO-220, TO-220F1000
3N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET2N65 TO-251, TO-2522500
4N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET2N65 TO-220, TO-220F1000
5N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET2N80   TO-220F1000
6N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET4N60  TO-251, TO-2522500
7N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET4N60  TO-220, TO-220F1000
8N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET4N65  TO-2522500
9N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET4N65  TO-220, TO-220F1000
10N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET5N80   TO-220F1000
11N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET7N60  TO-251, TO-2522500
12N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET7N60  TO-220, TO-220F1000
13N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET7N65  TO-2522500
14N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET7N65  TO-220, TO-220F1000
15N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET8N80   TO-220F1000
16N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET10N60  TO-220F1000
17N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET10N65  TO-220F1000
18N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET10N80   TO-220F1000
19N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET12N60 TO-220F1000
20N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET12N65  TO-220, TO-220F1000
21N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET12N80   TO-220F1000
22N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET20N60  TO-2201000
23N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET20N60  TO-220F1000
24N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET20N65 TO-2201000
25N-Channel Power    MOSFETWEET20N65  TO-220F1000

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