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WEET Would Like to Share What Is The Difference Between GBPC5010 and GBPC5010W

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WEE Technology Company Limited 

Manufacturer of Surface Mount (SMD) and Through Hole (DIP) Diodes & Rectifiers

GBPC5010 is a WEET brand single-phase rectifier square bridge, with main parameters and specifications as below:

Voltage: 1000V;

Chip material: GPP;

Forward current (IO): 50A;

Number of chips: 4 pieces

Forward voltage (VF): 1.05V;

Chip size: 180MIL;

Surge current IFSM: 500A;

Leakage current (IR): 500uA;

Working temperature: - 55 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃;

Recovery time (TRR): 500ns;

Number of leads: 4 lug terminals;

Packing method: Bluk and box packing

Application field of rectifier bridge WEET GPBC5010:

Gbpc5010 is mainly used in the field of power circuit rectifier products, switching power supply, power adapter, LED light source circuit, charger, refrigerator air conditioner, television, household appliances and small appliances and other related products, vehicle rectifier, mechanical and electrical equipment.

WEET would like to share the difference between GBPC5010 and GBPC5010W:

The main difference between GBPC5010 and GBPC5010W is the packaging form of the two. GBPC5010W is the single-phase rectifier square bridge of the pin terminals, so "W" is the different manifestation of the packaging, and there is not much difference in the electrical parameters between the two. Basically according the PCB board design, especially the PCB hole, engineers can decide which terminal type is more suitable. Usually we suggest lug terminals WEET GBPC5010 for most applications

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