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WEET Switching Diode 1N4148 LL4148 1N4148W 1N4148WS 1N4148WT

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WEE Technology Company Limited 

Manufacturer of Surface Mount (SMD) and Through Hole (DIP) Diodes & Rectifiers

WEE Technology Silicon epitaxial planar diode / fast switching diodes are AEC-Q101 qualified available

1N4148 is a small high-speed switching diode. The switch is relatively fast. It is widely used in circuit with high signal frequency for one-way conduction isolation, communication, computer board, TV circuit and industrial control circuit.

1N4148 is a very versatile high-frequency switching diode. Including DO35, LL34, SOD323, SOT23, 0805 packages.

WEET 1N4148 fast switching diodes

Pacakge:DO-34, DO-35 

WEET LL4148 Diode type small signal

Pacakge:MiniMELF SOD80

WEET 1N4148W Silicon Epitaxial Planar Switching Diode 


WEET 1N4148WS Silicon Epitaxial Planar Switching Diode 


WEET 1N4148WT Silicon Epitaxial Planar Switching Diode 


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