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WEET Strong Item Electric Stoves Rectifier Bridge 1000V 25A GBJ2510 Flat and Thin Bridge Rectifier

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WEE Technology Company Limited 

Manufacturer of Surface Mount (SMD) and Through Hole (DIP) Diodes & Rectifiers

WEET Strong Item Electric Stoves Rectifier Bridge 1000V  25A GBJ2510 Flat and Thin Bridge Rectifier  

Model: GBJ2510, Brand: WEET, Package: GJB

★ Electrical parameters: 25A 1000V

★ Chip material: GPP

★ Forward current (IO): 25A

★ Number of chips: 4

★ Forward voltage (VF): 1.1V

★ Chip size: 140 mil

★ Surge current IFSM: 400A

★ Leakage current (IR): 5ua

★ Working temperature: - 55 ~ + 150 ℃

★ Recovery time (TRR): 500ns

★ Number of leads: 4

GBJ2510 is applied to products in the field of small current: small power switching power supply, power adapter,

LED light rectifier, electric fan, TV, indoor air conditioner, household appliances and other related electrical products.

Green laser printer laser marking, non fading,

Solve the problem of easy fading in ink screen printing

Laser marking has high production efficiency and short order period,

Solve the problem of long delivery time and low efficiency of ink printing

Advanced plastic packaging

One time injection molding with epoxy resin

Good fire resistance, high strength and high temperature resistance

Oxygen free copper pins

Oxygen free copper material, good conductivity

pin thickness upgrade up to 0.71mm,

Keep working for a long time without heating

Original "WEET" brand logo meaning

• WEE = WEE Company name

• T = Technology

How to understand WEET part number,  please see below Product analysis:

[GBJ2510] represents the complete model of the product

[GBJ] is the packaging method of the product

The number [25] indicates that the forward current is 25A

The suffix [10] indicates that the reverse withstand voltage is 1000V

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