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WEET Shares You How to Choose A Suitable Diode for Your Electronic Circuit

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The voltage drop in a diode is usually the same taking no account of the size or current rating.  In this way, the power dissipated will generally be the same.  

Diodes are electronic one-way valves, letting current flow in one direction but not the reverse. If you’re designing a circuit that uses them, you’ll need to know they have limits. They can handle a rated maximum current, and if you exceed this limit you’ll destroy the part. They also have a reverse voltage limit, past which they will start conducting, possibly with damaging results. And diodes come in several different physical case styles, with leads (DIP)or in a surface-mount (SMD) case. 

In case you are going to select a diode, which rated much higher than your calculated maximums, it will work absolutely well in your circuit but it may be expensive and physically large. Small packages are favorable these days, such as SMAF package. If you use diodes that match or fit between your minimum and maximum ratings, they will work safely and will cost down for you.

So do you have any ideas on how to choose a right diodes? If you still have doubts, please do not hesitate to contact with WEET engineers sales.

Take SMB(DO-214AA) ES2A THRU ES2J (ES2A, ES2B, ES2C, ES2D, ES2E, ES2G, ES2J) Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers for example:

Maximum Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage: 600V

Maximum Average Forward Rectified Current at TL =100℃: 2A

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