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WEET Shares What does Forward Voltage Drop mean and What is the meaning of Reverse Voltage

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What does Forward Voltage Drop mean?
Electricity uses up a little energy pushing its way through the diode, rather like a person pushing through a door with a spring. This means that there is a small forward voltage drop across a conducting diode. It is about 0.7V for most diodes which are made from silicon.The forward voltage drop of a diode is almost constant whatever the current passing through the diode so they have a very steep characteristic (current-voltage graph).

What is the meaning of Reverse Voltage?

When a reverse voltage is applied a perfect diode does not conduct but real diodes leak a very tiny current (typically a few µA). This can be ignored in most circuits because it will be very much smaller than the current flowing in the forward direction. However, all diodes have a maximum reverse voltage (usually 50V or more) and if this is exceeded the diode will fail and pass a large current in the reverse direction, this is called breakdown.

We suggest you to read more technical information about diodes symbols. Below article will tell you what the diodes symbols stand for.

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