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WEET SMB DO-214AA 2A 600V ES2A To ES2J Super Fast Recovery Rectifiers

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WEE Technology Company Limited
Manufacturer of Surface Mount (SMD) and Through Hole (DIP) Diodes & Rectifiers

WEET SMB(DO-214AA) ES2A THRU ES2J Ultra-Fast/Super-Fast Recovery Rectifiers

WEET Strong Packages:A-405, DO-15, DO-27, DO-35, DO-41, LL-34, LL-41, R-1, R-6, SMA, SMAF, SMAJ, SMB, SMC, SOD123, SOD-123FL, SOD-323, SOT-23, TO-220, TO-263, TO-277, MBS, MBF LBS, ABS, MBM, DB, DBS, WOM, MBM, KBP, GBP, KBL, KBU, GBU, KBJ4(3S), KBJ6(5S), BR6, KBPC6, KBPC8, KBPC/KBPC-W, BR/BR-W, BR-L, KBPC3(BR-3), GBPC, GBPCW, S35, S36, D4K


Check more WEET ES2A, ES2B, ES2C, ES2D, ES2E, ES2G, ES2J information at

Page:  https://www.weetcl.com/Ultra_Fast_Recovery_Rectifiers/SMB_ES2A_THRU_ES2J.html 
Datasheet: https://www.weetcl.com/pdf/WEET_SMB_ES2A_THRU_ES2J.pdf 


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