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WEET GBU 15.0 AMPS GBU15005 THRU GBU1510 Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers

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WEE Technology Company Limited 

Manufacturer of Surface Mount (SMD) and Through Hole (DIP) Diodes & Rectifiers

How to understand WEET bridge Rectifiers Part Number GBU1510 ?

[GBU1510] represents the complete model of the product. 

[GBU] is the packaging method of the product. 

The number [15] represents the forward current of 15A. 

The suffix [10] represents the reverse withstand voltage of 1000V

WEET bridge rectifiers are ideal for printed circuit board , Reliable low cost construction utilizing molded plastic technique.




WEET Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers Part NumberMPQ/Pcs
WEET® GBU 4.0A GBU4005, GBU401, GBU402, GBU404, GBU406, GBU408, GBU4100.25K
WEET® GBU 6.0A GBU6005, GBU601, GBU602, GBU604, GBU606, GBU608, GBU6100.25K
WEET® GBU 8.0A GBU8005, GBU801, GBU802, GBU804, GBU806, GBU808, GBU8100.25K
WEET® GBU 10.0A GBU10005, GBU1001, GBU1002, GBU1004, GBU1006, GBU1008, GBU10100.25K
WEET® GBU 15.0A GBU15005, GBU1501, GBU1502, GBU1504, GBU1506, GBU1508, GBU15100.25K
WEET® GBU 20.0AGBU20005, GBU2001, GBU2002, GBU2004, GBU2006, GBU2008, GBU20100.25K
WEET® GBU 25.0A GBU25005, GBU2501, GBU2502, GBU2504, GBU2506, GBU2508, GBU25100.25K

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