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WEET DO-27(DO-201AD) 5A SR520 THRU SR5100 GPP SBD Schottky Barrier Diode

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DO-27 (DO-201AD) SR520 THRU SR5100 (SR520, SR530, SR540, SR550, SR560, SR580, SR5100) Schottky Barrier Rectifiers


WEET SR5100 belongs to Schottky diode and encapsulates with DO-27 (DO-201AD) package. Its prominent features are lower forward voltage and shorter reverse recovery time.

Maximum reverse repetitive peak voltage: 100V

Maximum DC blocking voltage: 100V

Maximum average forward rectification current: 5.0 A

When current = 5.0 A, forward voltage drop: 0.85V

Polarity: The color ring represents the cathode end


WEET RS5100 is a 5A/100V Schottky diode, SR5100 can replace many models, such as: SR5A0, SR510.


What is Schottky Barrier Diode?

WEET Schottky diode is named after its inventor, Dr. Schottky. SBD is short for Schottky Barrier Diode. SBD is not made by the principle of PN junction formed by the contact between P-type semiconductor and N-type semiconductor, but by the principle of metal-semiconductor junction formed by the contact between metal and semiconductor. Therefore, SBD, also known as metal-semiconductor (contact) diode or surface barrier diode, is a hot carrier diode.



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