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WEET BTA06 BAT12 TO-251-4R TO-252-4R TO-220A TO-220B TO-220F MOSFETs N-P Channel

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WEET TO-251-4R TO-252-4R TO-220A TO-220B TO-220F MOSFETs  Schottky Diodes Rectifiers N Channel Transistor
BTA06/BTB06 6A 600V 800V BAT12 12A 600V 800V three terminal bidirectional thyristor
TO-220 package is a kind of in-line package commonly used in high-power transistors and small and medium-sized integrated circuits.
Among them, to is the abbreviation of transformer outline.

Generally, TO-220 is a single row straight plug, which can lead out 3, 5 or 7 feet. Standard TO-220 footprint (seven pins).
TO-220 and to-202F are basically the same shape, they are all 3-pin single in-line package with 2.54mm pin pitch.
To-220F is a full plastic package, and there is no need to add insulation pad to the radiator.
TO-220 with metal sheet connected to the middle foot, if the radiator is installed, an insulating pad shall be added.

Performance comparison and difference between TO-220 and TO-220F
TO-220, TO-220F: TO-220F is a full plastic package. When it is installed on the radiator, there is no need to add an insulating pad;
TO-220 with metal sheet is connected to the middle foot, and an insulating pad is added when the radiator is installed.
The MOS tubes of these two packaging styles have similar appearance and can be used interchangeably.
The difference of PD between TO-220 and TO-220F is due to the difference of RJC between the two packages.
TJ is generally considered to be 150 ℃. TJ = TC + PD * RJC, in which TC is the temperature of the structure shell closest to the wafer,
PD is the power consumption carried on MOSFET, and RJC is the thermal resistance of judgment to case.

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