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WEET 400V 3A Supur Fast Diode 2-Pin DO-201AD SF36G Compete with Yangjie and Diodes

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WEE Technology Company Limited
Manufacturer of Surface Mount (SMD) and Through Hole (DIP) Diodes & Rectifiers

Super Fast Diode 3A (DO-201AD) DO-27 Glass Passivated  SF31G THRU SF38G (SF31G, SF32G, SF33G, SF34G, SF35G, SF36G, SF37G, SF38G) Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers

WEET 400V 3A, Diode, 2-Pin DO-201AD SF36G , competitive with YANGJIE TECHNOLOGY and Taiwan Semiconductor Corporation in price , qaulity and leadtime.

In the same family of these diodes, WEET also provide different packages (DO-15, DO-41, DO-27) and currents from 1A to 5A. Details please refer to below table.


WEET TypePackageChip TypePacking  MPQ Chip Size
SF11,SF12,SF13,SF14,SF15,SF16,SF18DO-41OJ-SF Ammo5K42MIL
SF21,SF22,SF23,SF24,SF25,SF26,SF28DO-15OJ-SF Ammo3K55MIL

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