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WEET 200V 5A SMC DO-214AB ES5D Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers

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WEE Technology Company Limited
Manufacturer of Surface Mount (SMD) and Through Hole (DIP) Diodes & Rectifiers

WEET 200V 5A SMC DO-214AB ES5D Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers Cross to ThinkiSemi Taiwan ES5A, ES5B, ES5C, ES5D, ES5E, ES5G, ES5J,


ES5D Maximum Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage : 200Volts

Maximum RMS Voltage : 140Volts

Maximum DC Blocking Voltage  : 200Volts

Maximum Average Forward Rectified Current at TL=100℃: 5.0Amps 

Typical Reverse Recovery Time : 35nS 

Test conditions IF =0.5A, IR =1.0A, IRR =0.25A

APPLICATION: LED SMPS/Industrial power supply HID ballast stabilizer Telecommunication SMPS/LED street lamp


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