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WEET Shares the Working Principle of Single Phase Bridge Rectifier Circuit and 1000V Devices

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Single phase bridge rectifier circuit is a bridge rectifier device, also known as rectifier bridge stack. It is the most commonly used circuit for rectifying by using the unidirectional conductivity of diodes. It is commonly used to convert alternating current into direct current.

Half wave rectifier uses the unidirectional conduction characteristics of diode. When the input is standard sine wave, the positive half of the output sine wave is obtained, and the negative half part is lost.

The bridge rectifier uses four diodes, which are connected in pairs. The positive half of the input sine wave is two tubes conducting, and the positive output is obtained; when the negative half part of the input sine wave is input, the other two tubes are on. Because these two tubes are connected in reverse, the output is still the positive half of the sine wave.

The utilization efficiency of bridge rectifier to input sine wave is twice as high as that of half wave rectifier. Bridge rectifier is the first step of converting alternating current into direct current.

The bridge rectifier is composed of several rectifier diodes connected by bridge and packaged with insulating plastic. The high-power bridge rectifier adds metal shell to the insulation layer to enhance heat dissipation.

The bridge rectifier has many varieties, excellent performance, high rectification efficiency and good stability. The maximum rectifier current is from 0.5A to 50a, and the maximum reverse peak voltage is from 50V to 1000V.

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Applied to small current field products: low power switching power supply, power adapter, LED lamp rectifier, electric fan, TV, indoor air conditioner, household appliances and other related electrical products.

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